Domestic and Imported Cardboard

Cardboard prices may vary between themselves. The size, quantity and areas where the products will be used are highly effective on pricing. Cardboard used in making models may be at a slightly higher price. Corrugated cardboard produced in different colors is offered to the taste of users at affordable prices. An ideal option for handcrafted Arts and decorations, silvery cardboard caters to all kinds of budgets at economical prices. You can find a variety of cardboard suitable for your purpose of use with different price options. Cardboard with varying sizes are environmentally friendly products in terms of recycling. You can save economically with cardboard that you will receive in a package. You can store cardboard for a long time. According to your request, you can choose phosphorous, silvery, metallic or monochrome cardboard varieties. You can buy easily and safely by choosing what you like from among the cardboard products offered with different price options.